About Lil Ol Me

About Lil Ol Lori Davis

What can I say that won’t resonate through my website?
Im a 42 year old STUNNING grandmother, mother to all, successful business owner some might even say, a wife a tolerable man, and I’m animal lover, cancer survivor, still going strong, for my future is still being written. (Key music “I’m a Survivor” from Destiny’s Child)


The truth is I love what I do and who I am; on a good day…
I have been doing weddings and events for almost 25 yrs in some form or fashion and wouldn’t change a thing! Wedding and Party Planning for all occasions. Tablescapes and decor, PR and Media, comedy and blogging, gifts and gift baskets, square dancing and Carlton Dance Contest Champion to be added on.


I am a multi-tasker and always seeking new and exciting endeavors! The rest is a live and learn process… to be continued…

About Randy Lane

 My name is Randy Lane, I’m almost 42, I’m the better looking co-emperor of JustaBasketCase. You’ll never see because I’m always slaving away at events, then she puts me away in her dungeon then summons me for good ideas. I eat a slice of bread a day, but keep fit. If you want to set me free order more baskets for your next events, give me more to do and and a little more sunshine.


I have a beautiful son, step-daughter, grand-daughter, Erin, Austin, and Matty. I’m also an animal lover, long walks on the beach, slow walks off short piers….wait sorry this dungeon causes me to hallucinate, wait….here she comes…please…help…me…#MoreBasketSaveRandy