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I get asked all the time on the name of my business. JustaBasketCase? Love it! OMG so clever! Where did you think of that? Well here is the little factoid on how it came to be. I was pondering the many assets of what to call myself when my partner suggested me being a BasketCase that the name fit! I replied on how he was a genius but something was missing! Hence I said let’s add “Justa”. Because I am “JustaBasketCase”. It fit and the rest is hoping to be epic history!


What are we?
What do we do? Why do we do what we do?
Easy breezy . . .

We are many things and love them all. From wedding, events and sporting functions to custom gift baskets, bridal favors, custom gift wrapping to chair & table rentals! As well as hilarious blogs on the crazy world I live in.  With more to come folks! We are a family owned and operated and the why is listed. We love what we do and who we are! We are unique and without boasting more on ourselves the reason is simple. No one can or does what we do or offers all we do. Find out more about us or ask us how we can plan for your next event!