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Lori Davis Just a BasketCase Events

About Queen of all Things BasketCase – Lori Davis

What can I say that won’t resonate through my website?
Well, Im an Onion. Many layers that can either make you cry, laugh or plum wanna rip your eyes out! Either way a tissue is required.


I am also a 43 year old STUNNING grandmother, mother to all, successful business owner some might even say, and animal lover, cancer survivor, still going strong, for my future is still being written.
(Plays “Fighter” by Keith Urban in the background as I walk in any room)


The truth is I love what I do and who I am; on any good day…


I have been doing weddings and events for almost 26 yrs in some form or fashion and wouldn’t change a thing! Wedding and Party Planning for all occasions. Tablescapes and decor, PR and Media, comedy and blogging, gifts and gift baskets, square dancing and Carlton Dance Contest Champion to be added on. Add goldfish bowl cleaning to the list of my accomplishments and we’ve got a sure fire recipe for grand success, some might say. Whomever those some are…


Stay tuned…


I am a multi-tasker and always seeking new and exciting endeavors! The rest is a live and learn process… to be continued…
Randy Lane Just a BasketCase Events

About Mr. BasketCase Himself – Randy Lane

My name is Randy Lane, I’m almost 43, I’m the better looking co-Queen of JustaBasketCase. You’ll never see because I’m always slaving away at events, then she hides me away then summons me for good ideas. If lucky, she takes me out once in awhile to show me off but only on special occasions! Shhhhh… If you want to set me free order more baskets for your next events.


I have a beautiful son, step-daughter, grand-daughter, Erin, Austin, and Maddie. I’m also an animal lover, long walks on the beach and slow walks off short piers….


I merely do the deliveries, heavy lifting and all the grunt work and nodding yes and the big NOs when there is a need!

Jessica Gidus JustaBasketCase Events

Jessica Gidus

aka “Jess/Mini BasketCase”

JustaBasketCase Showroom Planner
Beautiful, eager, young and our first Mini BasketCase that knows the “Ins & Outs” somewhat better than the owners!

She keeps the shoppe/showroom running smoothly, likes her water pitcher to pour water only – DON’T ASK! And is also quite artistic as well versed in graphic design.
Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you for she is also a lion when push comes to shove and doesn’t allow anyone to mess with her business! She knows her stuff and we are glad for it.
Jessica will be attending college in Orlando this summer for she will be sorely missed but is and forever an employee and JustaBasketCase Family.

Photo Cred: Dylan Wade Cox: Jess first photoshoot
Make up: Linda Shepard
Location: Social Eatery

Casey Church – Assistant Event Planner

21 yes folks she is legal! And her name sounds just like a country song, whoohoo!

She is our newest member of the mickey mouse gang, opps sorry, wrong club! Anyways, newest but NOT new and we have roped her in and she took no time in making herself feel right at home. In fact, she won’t keep her feet off the coffee table while booking events, and jokes aside? She is a QuickBooks Jedi – LOL.

She will be taking on her own Day of Weddings this Summer/Fall folks so be gentle and come see her at the showroom!

We are so excited to see what the future has in store for our Casey and now if we could just get her to know the importance of a purse and why women need to carry one!