Gift Baskets

GiftBaskets & MORE

From Welcome Home to Grand Openings, Wedding Planning, Sporting Events, Red Carpet Functions, Corporate Events, Decor & Tablescapes, Gift Baskets, our list of fabulous gift baskets goes on and on and on and on and… on. And scene. Where’s my Oscar?!

What do we offer exactly you ask? Well… didn’t I just list that above? I’m glad you’re paying attention!

You’ll find that each basket is handcrafted and made unique for every occasion. No two baskets are ever spawned from the hells of Satan alike. Turning your party into one that everyone will be talking about for the ages!

*If you have allergies or require gluten free please contact with specifics.

Order your Unique Gift Baskets today!

Justa BASKETCASE Events is gearing up for a long, productive & feet callused season. We love it though!
Christmas parties, Holiday decorating for your home & office, outside-the-box GiftBaskets & GiftBoxes. (We 🚢 btw), and do unique & clever gift wrapping! And we will even let you claim it as your own.

SantaBasketCase Bonus: drop off your packages for wrapping and we will deliver back to you for… FREE! Catch us at Saks Sarasota this month for specialty gift wrapping… NOTE: We will NOT wrap your spouse, small children (larger kids optional), or illegal goods.