Spring Fever for Just a Basket Case

Well winter is over or winding down depending on where you are from. And leaves are gone and ocean breezes are breezing in! If you reside in Sunny Sarasota then that means weather that has a mind of its own, back n fourth traffic and hopefully the snow birds are almost long gone (except for those damn Minnesota plates I keep seeing)!

So what does all this mean? Well for my business -SEASON is upon us in full force and 7 days a week of work and the drawn out of still trying to collect on past due accounts is wearing thin. As well as new clients, brides, new accounts, new sales, good press, bad press, losing clients, losing some friends,gaining new friends alas.

As you can tell this year has been a whirlwind for myself and my family.

I know, I know I usually post clever witty banter or something funny to elude any issues or problems but here it is. Black n white folks.  Been a HELL of a F**cked up year. And I am just now barely coming a float. Blahblah right? We all have shitty days, bad times bad business. And I thank you for allowing me to still continue doing what I do.

Cancer, check! Losing some important friends (or so I thought) check check!  OH SORRY, THEY AINT DEAD. Maybe heart less, haha but no longer in my life and this yr proved who sticks around and who came around.

Lost family pet, gained financial profit and even lost some important stock. Ill parent, mental anguish. So what can we gather from this morbid bloggy post?

That I am thankful and still have my friggen humour!

I am still me dammit. Still can crack a joke even after a good long cry. Still come up with something to make sure someone else feels good about themselves.

The moral? Just a point of reference and an update to let you all know or those that give a damn that just because something appears one way – it usually isn’t. We become so good at masking that it becomes a second skin. I am learning to finally peel that second skin off now.

Will old Lori resurface? Hope not; for I wanted some changes. But liked some of her. So take some of the new me with the old and that ain’t too shabby.

Stay tuned…