Team BasketCase

Randy Lane Just a BasketCase Events

About Mr. BasketCase Himself – Randy Lane

My name is Randy Lane, I’m almost 43, I’m the better looking co-Queen of JustaBasketCase. You’ll never see me because I’m always slaving away at events, then she hides me away, then summons me for good ideas. If lucky, she takes me out once in awhile to show me off but only on special occasions! Shhhhh… If you want to set me free order more baskets for your next events.

I have a beautiful son, step-daughter, grand-daughter, Erin, Austin, and Maddie. I’m also an animal lover, love long walks on the beach and slow walks off short piers…

I merely do the deliveries, heavy lifting and all the grunt work and nodding yes and the big NO’s when there is a need!

Jessica Gidus JustaBasketCase Events

Jessica Gidus

aka “Jess/Mini BasketCase”

JustaBasketCase Showroom Planner

Beautiful, eager, young and our first Mini BasketCase that knows the “Ins & Outs” somewhat better than the owners!

She keeps the shoppe/showroom running smoothly, likes her water pitcher to pour water only – DON’T ASK! And is also quite artistic as well versed in graphic design.

Don’t let her calm demeanor fool you for she is also a lion when push comes to shove and doesn’t allow anyone to mess with her business! She knows her stuff and we are glad for it.

Jessica will be attending college in Orlando this summer for she will be sorely missed but is and forever an employee and JustaBasketCase Family.

Photo Cred: Dylan Wade Cox: Jess first photoshoot
Make up: Linda Shepard
Location: Social Eatery

Mackenzie Elizabeth Team BASKETCASE

Mackenzie Elizabeth

JustaBasketCase events attack-model and promotions

Photo Cred: Dylan Wade Cox: Jess first photoshoot

Location: Cafe BarBosso


Kyle Anderson

BasketCase Events – Staff

21 years old Kyle is young, sweet and also knows where he wants to start and grow in his career. The entrepreneurial event world. Helping people. Catering to people is what he does best. Not many at his age can truly hold that title. Plus, sweet, shy Kyle models for local T-Shirt line Eleven-Eleven and ladies he is a pet rescuer of the cutest lil terrier named Loki. I know, I know – You might expect him with a German Sheppard or even a Great Dane. But he is more of lil’ dog carrier style. We don’t judge for the dog chose him…

Now, Lori was his very first employer: aka BossLady aka Momma-Lori since 5 years ago. They met via Lori’s son(step) Austin who also has worked for Lori & JB Events and quinkie dink enough; is the creator and owner of the T-Shirt line Eleven-Eleven. Sooooooo, talent not only runs in the family but they only hang out with uber talented people! SNOBS!

Being Kyle comes from hospitality and events himself is also a learning & self taught artist. Outwardly quiet one might have to juggle bowling bowls or have a ticklefest with Kyle to get him to speak! But once you open that pandora’s box; boy he won’t shut up Jokes aside- Kyle adds to the JB Events Team is making those around him feeling engaged, comfortable and relaxed. Or it just could have been the glazed over look all the women had when he was around or something in the coffee being served, perhaps? And don’t judge a book by it’s handsome, tall, man-bun wearing cover… This manboy (which is what we refer to a young man of 21 years. He’s not a boy; not yet a mannn – aHHHH Brittney Spears ringing in the air) is so hardworking and rarely if ever argues!

If anyone knows JustaBasketCase Owner – Lori Davis, her pet peeve is arguing or being combative; so only makes sense Kyle was and is the perfect fit for the BasketCase family.

Kyle has worked with the JB Crew before there was a even a Just to our BasketCase. Chocolate to our Peanut Butter. Gravy to our Biscuit. Lori to her twangy southern accent…point received.

So he, better than anyone, knows the ins, the outs and how to make an older women swoon. Some of the men as well… But then that’s another Telemundo Showstopper!

Needless to say, we are so honored to have Kyle back with his second family and officially a part of the JustaBasketCase Events Team. Now stop staring at yourself in the mirror Kyle and get to work!